Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Friends are also my precious

I was looking at an old picture just a while ago and it made look back and reminisce. Indeed: pictures shows great  frozen memories that make us wish we have time machine so that we can go back in the old times. But, things like that just happens in movies and would never be in real life.  A second ago would forever be a history.

Every single thing would change, and so do friends. When we were younger, we have close friends that we thought we'll die if we're separated. Then we get older and our priorities and views change and even the people we want to be with change as well. We don't want to do anything with our old friends, we don't even want to see them.

But with times like this, when we're all alone and staring at old pictures, there's something in our hearts that long to see our old buddies. Longing to make things right and wished we do the right thing with them.

Friends are more than gold, they're very precious. Let's keep them! :)

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