Monday, January 23, 2012

When parents go... not an easy thing, specially when five siblings to take care of. If I am the eldest... I probably would go next with my parents co'z I'll be facing and carrying all burdens. I Just praise God for He is good and he sends people to help to those who are in need.

My team who went to visit a tribe up North in a place called Kanawang in Morong Bataan Philippines. The team went there to visit our partner ministry and an orphaned siblings. They supposed to buy animals for the livelihood project that was headed by the pastor in that place. Unfortunately... my team was not able to close any deals with the animals for some unexpected matters.

My team will soon go back though in hope that this time they'll be able to buy the animals so that the livelihood project will finally start. The team came back though with a happy and satisfied heart co'z they were able to put smile on the orphaned kids because they brought with them goodies for the kids.

my team with the orphaned kids.. giving goodies.

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