Friday, April 27, 2012

Selah Band Needs

... a "Home Studio Recording" to use for their recording. Hubby's band mates are all church workers and as a church worker they don't get much money, but I am not saying that they are not blessed because they may be lacking in financial thing and other material thing I know for sure and a witness that they are truly blessed because the Lord never forsakes them.

Anyhow, to those who have more in terms of financial and has a heart in helping Christian bands to pursue their dreams and would like to donate some of these: interface(AUDIO BOX USB)=149.00 USD
2.condenser microphone(MXL 990)=139.00 USD
3.monitor speakers(PM0.4n Powered Studio Monitors)=159.00 USD
4.mic stand and mic cable=50.00USD
But if you buy this altogether in a promo package it just 319.99 USD.

You could also include a drums co'z the drummer is in need of one also for as we know though he can use the church's drums but he can only use it at church but when they are invited outside of church he can't bring it with him which is really hard for the band to do concerts.

Their band's name is "SELAH"-this band sings and worship lead whenever they are called/asked to do so. One of their dream is to do concerts outside the Philippines. When this things happens, it means fulfillment of a dream and a promise. These band/team are not regular outstanding people co'z each one has an amazing/life changing testimony of how the Lord has change their chaotic and hopeless life into a meaningful one.

Please contact me :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kung Madami lang...

...ang pera ko:

*pinag-aral ko na si lara sa kung saan mang school na gusto niyang pasukan at kahit anong kurso na gusto niyang kunin.
*Pag-aaralin ko din ang kapatid kong si Dayday
*pina-alis ko na si nanay sa paglalabada at pamamalantsa sa kapatid niya at sa kapitbahay ng kapatid niya.
*Kami na rin sagot sa pag-aaral ni Igi.
*bumili na ako ng kotse para di na mahirap mag-commute papunta sa Makati at maisasama na namin sa church mga in-laws ko pag Sunday.
*Makapagpada na rin ako ng pera kay tatay sa probinsiya para man lang makatulong sa kanya.
*Pag-aaralin ko din ang mga pinsan ko.
*Pauuwiin ko si eric at bibigyan ko siya ng magiging hanapbuhay niya.
*Magtatayo ako ng coffee cafe' business. Dito ko na din pagtatrabahuin si Irene at bibigyan ko siya ng magandang sweldo.
*Tutulungan ko din sila tata.
*I-lilibre ko ng bonggang bongga ang mga friends ko. I-treat ko sila sa boracay.  Isasama ko din sila sa ibnag bansa.
*.. and of course`tutulong ako sa scholars ng fishnets... hahahahaaha!

hay!.. ang sarap mangarap!
Thank you Lord for where I am and what I am today! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

His new babies

Sometimes these poor little gorgeous starts conflict. That is when..  the husband don't pay serious attention to what I telling him because of too much looking at these fish. He forgot what I have told him to do while me on the other hand is busy at oven hot like kitchen cooking some food for everybody. :((

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mga adik sa gitara

This is my hubby's band mates:
...the vocals, bass, lead, keyboards, and drums. They're all in this picture. I wonder what they are singing though and if the guitar store owner is happy in what they are doing. As for me, I was heavily busy with my to hushing my wailing baby during this time. :(

...they seems happy... (in spite of what the camera did not capture). hihihi