Monday, May 28, 2012

Selling and buying: these bogs me :(

A few months back, hubby came home with an electric guitar, he told me that it's broken and the owner wants him to fix it because he thought he's good, of course hearing that makes me a proud wife. Then on the next day he brought it to the office so I thought it was it, to my surprise he brought it home again. So I know something was not right and I asked him why carry that heavy stuff home, why can't he leaves it at the office, he knew before hand that I'll be irritated so he did not tell the truth yet, he waited for the right timing.

So, while I was washing the dishes, he came behind me and whispered sweet nothings and then told me that he's thinking of buying the guitar co'z he thought it's really good and he liked it. It would be "sayang" to let it go. Well, I made him do what he want to do anyways he's the one doing the work, in another term "earning".

Three days ago he told me that he's going to sell it together with his guitar gadget so that he can buy a new electric guitar. I don't know what hubby is thinking though, all I know that he's really into guitar and gadget. All I can do this time though is to give him insights with a tender love and care. I may don't like the buying and selling and buying again thing but thing I remember my pastor said during our marriage counselling with him that I gotta understand my hubby no matter what happen and support whatever he does and let him learn from it co'z at the end I'll benefit it!

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