Friday, July 20, 2012

Church Office

Hubby and I decided to join  full time as church worker's to one of our outreach. I know this is not just us wanting to do something in the church, I know this is something God has put in our hearts. We have no permanent place to be called church yet but God is good to provide us a to hold our Sunday worship service.

As leaders, we met last Monday to talked and planned about what we're gonna do first with our church. We agreed that we will going to find a place first for the church and this is our priority co'z we also need an office even just a small space in the church. And speaking of an office I'm thinking of where we could find a computer (desktop), a cork board and some other office stuff. I am thinking of beautifying the place before we move in, I might need some drywall anchors (for some fixing stuff). I'm excited!

I hope it's soon!

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