Friday, September 21, 2012

Doing Laundry is not fun... all. I do our laundry once a week or sometimes once in every two weeks and our dirty clothes really gets stinky and really really dirty. Well... doing laundry here is not that easy. I need to put three pail full of water in the washing machine to get it going. The reason I have to do that because our hose has no nozzle just like the fire hose nozzles. This is the one thing I really would like to fix when we move to the other house, so that I can do laundry whenever I need to do so.

Or probably asked Doy to buy me a new washing machine, the automatic one where yu just put your dirty clothes and it comes out dry and smells good. I really wish Hubby has loads of cash to buy this for me. I wish I have loads of cash as well to buy this for myself.

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