Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hubby, his finger and his guitar

He's back again, back to his normal him. Whenever he's home he's always doing something on his guitar. Last two days he's been strumming it and yesterday he almost consumed all his morning wiping, staring and strumming it. In someway though it irritates me but since it's his passion I just try to understand him. He told me this morning that he doesn't have a meeting, so it means he doesn't have to go away, but he still is out for a guitar string.
I just hope and pray that hubby won't get any finger problem or else we would be buying a trigger finger which I am thankful of co'z it would help him feel better.
I also hope I won't get  a finger problem too due to typing a lot in my computer and using my cellphone. :)

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