Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hubby misses you!

He told me last night while making our daughter's milk that he misses the busy music recording schedule. I could feel his desire to get it done ( well... who among the band who didn't anyway!) If we could only pay for every recorded song, we probably get prioritized. I pray that God would indeed pour out financial blessings so that we'll able to continue the recording without string attached (I mean not under anyone's grace) but Jesus alone.

I hope too that the band will be able to get brand new (music) gadget  and will get a new hartke for their amps. I actually wish we have enough space and instrument  for a recording studio. If I only have money I'll get hubby and the band all these things.

Hoping and praying that the recording will pursue the soonest possible and we'll able to get the album done on Dec.

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