Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reserve a space...

My friend and I are thinking of renting a space at the commercial area of  we're we live. There's no area yet though but the management are planning to build one. We already go the mobile number but we haven't get in tough yet co's we really doesn't know what product we want to sell. Plus, I have other plans too, like working in an office. If things get push though (my working plans) who would then manage the store.

But definitely we will be considering a lot of stuff when we decide to pursue this business that we are planning. Then one thing for sure that we will be needing is retail scanner specially these days that paying taxes is a must or BIR will come and get you and then you'll pay more. Of course no wants to do that. I just hope though that I'll be able to talk to my friend soon so that we can decide the soonest possible whether to pursue the plan or just leave it for now.

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