Monday, October 8, 2012


Being alone in the house with my one year old girl makes me think and think a lot. Sometimes I consumed my time writing and posting my thoughts in my blogs. But the bad side about it is, I sit all the time. One thing I find about being busy doing some online stuff is, I now don't play online games or play any computer games at all.

I'm just glad though that writing is one of my hobby now rather than watching tv and being a couch potato. At least with my new found hobby I at least earn a little or in other words I earn from it. It's good thing that I don't smoke co's if I did I'll be first in line with swisher sweet. Our house would be the perfect venue for me to smoke if I did co's no one in here but me... but the poorest thing of all is my baby :(.

I suggest to those who smoke to do it moderately because all things a permissible but not all things are beneficial to us.

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