Friday, December 21, 2012

Would be a beautiful getaway

Paris is  one of the many places I want to visit before I die, in fact for some reason I woke up this morning thinking of such places. I wonder if I needed a visa to get there, but one thing is for sure...  I know that I needed loads of money to get there.

Visiting the famous Eiffel Tower with my adorable hubby would be the most amazing date we have in our entire life-with all the lights dancing for us, and of course the Seine River Cruise is a must to do too, and watch  the Paris Moulin Rouge Show then some dinner after.

To do all this means to rent a luxury paris apartment that is close to this night activities so that a tourist like me won't worry too much about getting home at night.

I know as well that I am just dreaming here... but dreaming is not bad at all specially when you are young. Someday... someday I know I'll be living in that dream.

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