Thursday, December 19, 2013

This muses me

We are about to park our car when I saw this writing on the walls. I really have to look closely to see what's written and laugh loud when I finally figure it out. It says.. "Babarilin ang matapon ng basura dito" (translate: whoever dump garbage here will be shot.)

Monday, December 2, 2013

A mother to a daughter

I have an only child right now, so I have loads in mind for her future. Some are realistic some are not.
So, here's my lists:

*I want her to be a doctor
*I want her to study in a exclusive school
*I want her to learn music, how play instruments specially sax (and if she's willing we might buy her a classic saxophone for beginners at wwbw).
*I want her to be an actress, a singer, a model
*I want her to be working abroad and rich
*...but most of all, I want her to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and be a missionary just like us her parents.

I am just a mother who has a big dream for her daughter. Of course... the Lord's will, be done in her life :).

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Monday Morning

I know that sometimes I feel like the picture below. Feels like my boss needs to point a gun on me to get to work. I can't help but smile when I saw this and cannot resist the urge to post it in my blog.

(disclaimer: got this picture on facebook)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter wonder

I know that it's snowing in some part of the world these days though it's not with mine. I have read some  post on facebook about the snow and how it affects them one way or another. I have not  experience snow yet since when I went to Canada three years ago the snow ditch me and left me wondering what it looks likes and how it feels till I went home, though I definitely feel the anger of coldness when its dark. The cold seems paralyzed me and all I could think was home.

I just wish I had a battery powered gloves to keep me warm at night. I have enjoyed my stay there but I never enjoyed the coldness at night. I wonder though how those peeps who live there manage to love it.

Just sharing

Got this from a friend on facebook and I just feel like sharing because only a few (businessmen) would do this.

With a caption of: 
Are you tired of all the stores announcing they'll be open on Thanksgiving Day? SHARE this post and spread the word of some of the "nice" stores bucking the trend!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I can imagine it hanging

Yup been dreaming about it hanging on the stairs area of our house. How I wish I could have one this Christmas, may it be a gift or I am the one bought it it doesn't matter. :D.  Whenever I passed by a home depot I cannot help looking and staring at where the hanging lights and chandeliers are. They are as beautiful as beautiful Vistosi chandelier.
I really hope that someday I'll be able to get one for my house, and part of my wish too that hubby and I will be contented of what we have.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I cannot think straight

Here at the office trying to do some work but since my little girl is with I just can't do a straight work because I have to look after her. I am thankful my boss understands my situation. All he wants from me is that I do my work according to what is expected and finish my deadlines on time. He doesn't care how I do it as long as I get it done.
So what I do so that I won't forgot the things I need to do is making a list and post it on my table so that every time I st down in here I get reminded of it :).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wake me up

I know... September has long gone but I really feel sleepy thinking of my work. My eyes are closing and my head feels heavy and it seems that when I close my eyes the world stops revolving. How I wish today is off day. :(

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A friend and Me

I called my friend just to say hi not knowing she has a lot of questions for me. I was surprised but nevertheless answered er with honesty. hahaha. She was asking about small business that I din't have.. actually I was wishing I have even the smallest business of all.

This friend of mine has a business degree majoring in marketing while I did management. I know for sure that if she'll into business she will be fine. In fact she was into fashion jewelries before but I 'm not sure if she did wholesale gold jewelry. Anyhow, I just wish her good tidings when she really pursues business.

As for me... as for now. I'm contented (?) with my work. Feeling hopeful.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nakakalungkot napangyayari

Sa totooo lang... minsan takot na akong ipaglaban ang isang tao. madaming panahon sa nakaraan na ang mga taong ipinaglalaban ko ng lubusan ay ang totoo palang nagkasala. Sa ngayon pag naiisip ko yung "effort" ko ay nalulungkot ako "what happen then to my judgement and discernment?"

Ngayon... may takot na akong ipaglaban ang isang tao sapagkat naiisip ko na pano pala kung pinapaniwala lang ako para makuha niya ng simpatya ko dahil alam niyang may kakayahan akong ipaglaban siya. Pano kung... pano kung... madaming pano kung.

Ngayon nahaharap na naman sa parehong sitwasyon.. di ko... alam... minsan wala na din akong tiwala sa "judgement".

Mahirap... pero kailangan ipaglaban ang karapatan.

super sigh.. to the highest level talaga.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden on my frontyard

I have a mini garden on my front, it's probably just three square meter long/wide. It's very small but I have loads of plants in there. The only problem I have with my garden is... I cannot take all the stones due to some construction, and so my plants are thin and look unhealthy.

I still have seeds to plant actually but am waiting for hubby to put more healthy soil on my garden so that my seeds will grow healthy. I have tomatoes, lemon grass, lemon tree, pine tree, okra and chili  and I am hoping to put more plants, I also wish I can plant an apricot seeds on my mini-garden.

Now I wish I have  bigger space for my plats.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How could I ever tell you

.. of all that's in my mind. plans and my desires. have told me/us before to speak out of what's in our mind.
..but I'm hesitant now...

..i probably have change.
..because I felt that you too.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Torn in between

Yup! I’m torn between “loving you to come and begging don’t”.  I don’t I might had have a change of heart. Co’s in the past when you said your coming means a lot to me. I was very excited to see you yet something must have happened after that first meeting at your place… I must say I have change completely.
Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t love you as my best friend anymore… I still love you… but my priorities is keeping me to do the things I have done for you before. Honestly… I have giving up a lot just to make myself available for you.  But now.. I have my family… and this may hurtful  to say… “they are my priority”. Having to choose between you and them whom should I spend my time for a week is very hard.

I do love to spend time with you since I don’t see a lot, but having the thought of leaving my two year old behind for even a week  is crippling me.  Coming to work this morning is painful co’s I left her crying begging me to stay. much more a week?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Indeed... bread talks!

Breads abounds in this place literally. This place where I am now has a ministry to the street kids. Several months ago a bread store owner donated bags and bags of their not sold bread to this ministry to give out to the kids at the streets. their bread smells good and indeed it's kind of talking to me to get 'em and eat 'em.

I wonder though how they make their bread co's I am now interested in baking. I wish I could learn the recipe and technique. I'm wondering if they used machine to make their deli bread or are their machine has aluminum machine handles or are there any connection with an aluminum handle with not aluminum. A friend told me that using an aluminum cooking ware is healthier than those that are not. I have to research about this actually.

Bless their hearts and they may sell more bread.

At IT Tender

Here at one of our ministry partner center. Hubby and I again... together.. brought a team of 15 American youth to see this interesting ministry. I never been here for two years many and coming back again is indeed great.

The team is having their orientation about the ministry right now while I am here at their office blogging.
Life is indeed beautiful.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Next step

After  several months of being busy with work and ministry work outside church ministries, hubby and I has decided of starting a new a Sunday service  of such we called "house church". We thought of this because it's hard for us to come to church on Sundays because of  the travel time and money for fare.

We might start the service next next Sunday. I'm hoping we'll be able to get more mono-block chairs and microphones and other needs we have for the service. For sure hubby would be delighted to get a epiphone casino at musicians friend. Anything about guitar and gadgets delights hubby.

I pray that the Lord would indeed bless the works of our hands and makes our plans a success.

My supermodel baby

Look at her, she poses like  a pro! I actually don't know where she got that pose from. One thing is for sure though  she look amazing posing with a attitude. I wonder what would she be in the future. Since she's my only child for now I have loads of plans for her life, but of course I know too that she still has the final say. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Candy house in the moon

When I was little I used to dreamed of having a house in the moon. A house made of candy and filled with lots of goodies. I dreamed of playing with the stars with other kids too, but of course I was the boss. hahaha. It's my dream after all.

Now that I'm a woman I don't dream of those anymore but I do remember having those dream with a smile and gladness in my heart. Now I'm not only dreaming of a sterling silver jewelry but I want them. I actually told hubby to buy me one when we went to the mall the other day.

I hope that this desire would come true unlike the candy house dream in the moon which is just a fantasy. :)

All out smile

Ang gaganda namin. hahahaha. alam kong nagbubuhat ako ng bangko  pero look at us naman... all out smile kaya ang gaganda namin. Nakakamis umalis-alis din ng ganito. Sana maulit muli, parang kanta lang. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thinking of a small business?

My friends are venturing to small business these days, some are really into success and others just like some did not make it. In business you really need to be hands on or else you know nothing and can't do anything. Knowledge is not enough: skills, hard work and good promotion has great factor too.

I tried a small food business back then but it seems not doing any good and so I stopped it. Hubby is not into business, so in stead of helping me he tends to disrupt me. I salute peeps who can do a business specially online like printing business cards online. I wish I could do the same, but anyway, I thank them co's it's easier to look for such now when we needed their services.

Just brows, click and your printed.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Building relationship wih the neighbors

Yup!  the one in fronts of us.
She's kind of shy and not social or she just don't want to do anything with us.
I did not allow things to affect me and I instead approached her talk to her and let her feel that we are nice people and of course nice neighbors.

Building relationship is not that easy but we need to do it.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Office world

I cannot describe the look of my office now. I'm just super thankful that no one came today specially my boss's. My little girl turned the organized office into a work place and a play room. I cannot work cos she kept on coming to me asking for things. Oh goodness, I wish today is a holiday.

My body seems sore knowing it does nothing but sit down and carried my little girl from time to time.  I wish I'm booked in a nice hotel with a nice room, comfy bed and hot/cold shower. Then if I cannot walk in the morning hubby could get a knee walker for me at knee walker central thinking I got paralyzed because of today (joke only).

Honestly... I'm just kinda tired and wishing I have a comfy bed besides me in an air-conditioned room.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oh my goodness

Looking at the figures and the financial report that my team mates has given me made want to sleep and work on it later. I wonder what she thinks of herself why she's demanding people about things and reports. I don't know... she makes me feel tired just thinking about her.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hubby and me

We have a very big fight the other day because we're trying to organized our stuff at our new house. Of course everyone was tired and snapped at things easily. The fight started when I asked him where did he put our photos and all he thought I was telling him to display it and so shouted at me. I was also very tired because I just came home from work and have travel more than an hour because traffics and connecting bus ride, I snapped back and told him many hurtful words. Then it made me more angry thinking he drove me to get angry reason I said those things. I was angry. disappointed, and frustrated for several days, and hubby was quiet too.

Yet we can't stay that way because we have a two year old girl who needs us and so we started talking again and became casual. Then the other night he said he's sorry for making me angry but still... stated his point. I told him I better now and have forgiven him and I am sorry too. We're good again and He treated me to Starbucks last night as his peace offering.

I wish though too that I can buy him a peace offering too. Wish I can afford to get him a Ray Bans, for sure he'll love me more when he will get one from me. :)

Was not of myself

I have a meeting with the "boss's and some ministry supporters yesterday. I was fine listening to the boss's explaining about the office, staffs and ministries. Yet when the meeting was about to end the big boss asked if we could tell something about ourselves. I was actually hoping that my boss won't strop talking so that lunch time bell would ring and I'll be spared. Well... it did not happen that way and so it was my time to share about myself. I was fine at the beginning but when I told that that I have a baby girl named Ziah... weird emotions came up and then my eyes betrayed me and I started crying. Gosh! it was shameful for me. They hugged me and told me encouraging words after that meeting that made me want to just disappear.

Every time I thought of it... I wanted to erase that moment from my life.. from their minds, but I cannot do it and it will remain a moment... of my life!   

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What is the problem with me?

If someone has to asks me if I have issues with serious one on one meetings with some people I've known that has high regard with themselves?  My answer would be "oh, heck ya!'

Monday, May 20, 2013

Packed Schedule for today

There are so many things to do today. The list is on my head and I'm hoping I won't forget a thing.  I have to do it on my own co's hubby has things to do too... on his own.  How I wish the two of us would do this together (of course... in favor of me. :D)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Two different Bands

Coming to work yesterday was quite slow, thanks to our motorbike because it can get us through a heavy traffic since it's small and sleek. There was this huge traffic caused by bands marching on. We thought there was only on band but there two or three of them.

Well it was a funeral parade and I assume the dead man must be rich or influential to have such two bands leading the parade. It was good to look at actually specially with their beautiful banner dancing over them. Just don't know though if they have gotten it from exceptional color guard flags at wwbw, I'm not sure but it was nice. The only thing that wasn't nice was the trafficked it caused.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A birthday and a funeral

Today, we were supposed to be in two important events of our friends, but here I am in our house instead, thanks to them who made themselves understand us even it's hard co's as friends our presence really matters.

Our house was planned to made some fixing months before this weeks (depends on the workers availability).  Then the work finally starts, then a friend called me telling to come to their house for her daughter seventh birthday. I cannot say no since I've never seen her for awhile, and the birthday party would be a good venue for the meeting up again.

So after saying yes and confirming our attendance, two days after my other close friend dad died and the burial falls on a Saturday too. We really wanted to go too to give comfort and support my friend and her family. Hubby and I can't decide then where to go because both events are really important.

Then come Friday and the foreman of our house told us that they'll going home Saturday because there are more fixing to do. Of course we cannot say no knowing we are the one who got the favor of time availability from them.

So now... we're home and haven't to any of our friends events.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grills on my window

Hubby and I went to our house this morning to check if the people we hired to put additional grills on our windows and stairs had done their job. They did some things but they're not done yet and in fact they're only half way through. It will take them until the next day to finish it if they will really do it. I really wish they will finish it up before Monday co's we'll start another work again and inside beautification thing-y.

Just thinking though what it would like if I put a battery operated candles for windows as a design, I bet it would definitely look gorgeous. I wonder if hubby would like that idea of mine. We sometimes argued about how we would design our very tiny home, but we still indeed up agree on things after fighting. :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just sharing..

I'll be leaving in an hour to go join hubby and his team mates to celebrates his birthday in a buffet restaurant at Glorietta Mall in Ayala, Makati. Again I'm going without my baby and each day I do this my heart is not okay. I soo want to bring her with me but I can't afford riding her on a motorcycle coming home. I may want to  bring her "wowa" means grandma too but I can't co'z the price is too high.

So now... my heart is heavy knowing I have to leave my baby again.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Installing a software

I'm here at my boss' house waiting for him co's he is in a meeting. I need him to install a software in my computer so that I can start with  my work. I thought life would be easier working with him but since the bosses of all boss said that they can't hire another finance person aside from me, so I am forced to double my work.

Now I wish I'm a pro with complicated accounting works so that those people who don't like me working with them because they thought I am not capable to do the job would trust and would give me a try. I just hate thinking they're thinking negative of me.

Another wish of mine is I would find time and try to do some online design specially now that there are online design tool anyone can use. Having knowledge with a lot of stuff is really a great thing, someone like it would never be out of job.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ang kulet mo anak!

na-iiyak ka kasi gusto mong matulog habang may ginagawa akong iba. Nung ihinto ko ginagawa ko at tinabihan kita biglang kang tumayo at tumakbo papalayo at naglaro.
Gusto kong ituloy ang paglalaba ko para matapos ng maaga pero di ko magawa dahil sinasamahan mo ko sa labahan at naglalaro ka.
Habang umaandar ang washing machine ay pinatay ko nalanga ng tv para makatulog ka pero para bang mas lalo ka pang ginaganahang maglaro at bantayan ako na pumunta sa labahan para sumunod ka.
Baliktad na ito... sa halip na ikaw ang binabantayan ko... ako na ngayon ang binabantayan mo.

Kaya ang sangkatutak kong labahin ay nandun lang pasensyosong nag-aantay na muli kong balikan.

My ziah is memorizing the planets

Ziah nung nkta 'tong pic na'to: panets!!! (Planets)
Sabay recite...

Mercury, enus (Venus), Eert (Earth), Mars, Jupiteh (Jupiter), Saturn (nguso), aeenus (Uranus), eptune (Neptune)

#superproudtita♥ #1yrold #genius
 — with Liwanag Dela Paz Suarez and 5 others.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cousins are smoking

Went to see my cousins the other day and I was amazed to see that they are grown up already and working too. They indeed can handle their lives well. I did not see them for a long time and so I was shocked to see them drinking and smoking.

I was sad to see them doing that for to me they are still toddlers not adults, but since their parents are doing such thing for sure they will also do the same.  I just don't know though if they have tried this la flor dominicana cigars. I know that this is not the same with the regular cigars they are smoking but for the smokers this might worth a try.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Games plus Ipod means happy day :)

I was about to do something on my netbook when my baby girl came and ask for phonics songs on youtube.  She cried when I did not allow her and so to stop the noise I gave in to what she wanted. As I was sitting down and bored listening to the phonics songs I took my Ipod and started browsing some games and I saw a few and downloaded them all. (^-^)

I have downloaded seven games. woot... woot!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just simply annoying

I was not of almost of myself yesterday after we went to Lancaster to inquire about our house. As usual those people there told us that it;s not ready yet. Actually I did not go to the office but told hubby to dropped me off at my friends house and just come to take me again after the office. I cannot see them face to face co's I'm afraid I cannot hold myself and yell at them all, instead I yell at hubby for allowing them to tell him that next time again.

Just wait for me then. On Tuesday if the house is not  ready again.. they for sure will taste what they won't expect of me. I am so annoyed... to the highest level!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Waiting for your call

Frustrated and a bit disgusted towards those people who always promise us that we'll able to finally take our house at Lancaster. They're just wasting our time, gas and effort. They kept on promising us that mount to nothing. I am just bracing myself, I hope I still can make myself cool or I might be waging war against them. (joke only) hahaha.

The head of the engineering department told us that she'll gonna call us yesterday and the other day but until now no calls still. Someone called me yesterday but I was not able to answer the call because I was with my dentist, and I did not hear my hone rang too. I really hope it was her or I like to think it was her.

I wish I put my phone into vibration mode and I also wish I have this vibration levelers devise on my phone too. But one thing I really wish is today is that they would call and say it finally done.

Soo lazy me :(

I open this blog in the that I have updated this sometimes in between work post, but to my dismay I haven't. I'm a bit disappointed at myself not doing that. How come I'm always like that.  I really hope I do updates before an online opps comes.

Monday, February 4, 2013

You lifted up!

I am listening to "Hillsong songs". I want to surround myself today with worships songs to lift up my crush spirit. It's really true that when that what fed you up everyday is all worldly things, one thing is for sure to happen, will find yourself being pushed away from what really makes you happy, and in my case.... it's only JESUS!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saw a bunch

Saw my friend at the mall yesterday. We did not plan to go there actually, we just met there co's our dentist cancelled our appointment. So when we met at the mall we decided to go have lunch together  and then went around the stalls to see a good find. I was actually amazed but what I found because I saw the bunch of batteries: the one you put on your wrist watch or a toy. I wonder if for eneloop has them too or they only have eneloop and other type.

I actually hope I have sanyo eneloop batteries and charger too for my baby's toys. I'm happy to see my little happy playing her toys.

Feeling a little bit low

I accepted this link post in one of the website I joined. It cost fifteen bucks but since the agreement is half and half, so only seventy fifty will come to me. It doesn't matter though actually if the amount would come to me right away, but the thing is... the site wont pay me until my pay out reach fifty. Goodness, it would probably takes a decade to reach my pay out.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Yelling is no good

I was upset at something and with just a snap of a finger I yelled at hubby and hubby was shocked and yelled back at me. So annoying co's I know I was the one who was wrong.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friends in College

"Discard not an old friends for the new one cannot equal them."
I miss my friends from college, but I know that things would never be the same again.
Lots of things happens, and I guess our life have change... and it's for the better of course.
The memories will linger forever, and they will always have a space in my heart forever. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I went for a four days trip with a couple of friends to one of my friends home town. We stayed at her mom's family's house. It was a very simple "nipa" house, staying there be relaxing if I don't have a toddler with me.  But I guess some of my friends did have the best time of their lives.

My friend brother is the one who lives in that old house since he has a very small family. The country life is treating him good unlike the city life that only brought him to a rehab. He was definitely a city boy but after going through drug or marijuana rehab, he decided to live away from it and settle himself in the country side where there is less of it.

He looks good now and his body is back to normal said my friend unlike before where he was pretty thin and you could really tell that he's not doing good at all. Thank God for rehab's like that.

Dental Appointment Cancelled

Someone has donated some amount for my root canal and minor tooth operation that supposed to be happening today. I canceled it because I needed to raise more money for it. I needed a huge amount  but since I was not able to reach the amount  and it's not painful anymore because the dentist had dig a hole through my tooth to let the puss out.

I am hoping though that when I have the money I'll be able to get back to that appointment and pursue the root canal. I hope I'll get the done started soon so that I'll be able to get my salary too.

I pray that God would bless me with a high salary in this job that I'm starting soon. I know that my boss told me that the pay is not big but I'm putting my trust in the Lord still that He will do good things to me even though the world says no.