Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saw a bunch

Saw my friend at the mall yesterday. We did not plan to go there actually, we just met there co's our dentist cancelled our appointment. So when we met at the mall we decided to go have lunch together  and then went around the stalls to see a good find. I was actually amazed but what I found because I saw the bunch of batteries: the one you put on your wrist watch or a toy. I wonder if for eneloop has them too or they only have eneloop and other type.

I actually hope I have sanyo eneloop batteries and charger too for my baby's toys. I'm happy to see my little happy playing her toys.

Feeling a little bit low

I accepted this link post in one of the website I joined. It cost fifteen bucks but since the agreement is half and half, so only seventy fifty will come to me. It doesn't matter though actually if the amount would come to me right away, but the thing is... the site wont pay me until my pay out reach fifty. Goodness, it would probably takes a decade to reach my pay out.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Yelling is no good

I was upset at something and with just a snap of a finger I yelled at hubby and hubby was shocked and yelled back at me. So annoying co's I know I was the one who was wrong.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friends in College

"Discard not an old friends for the new one cannot equal them."
I miss my friends from college, but I know that things would never be the same again.
Lots of things happens, and I guess our life have change... and it's for the better of course.
The memories will linger forever, and they will always have a space in my heart forever. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I went for a four days trip with a couple of friends to one of my friends home town. We stayed at her mom's family's house. It was a very simple "nipa" house, staying there be relaxing if I don't have a toddler with me.  But I guess some of my friends did have the best time of their lives.

My friend brother is the one who lives in that old house since he has a very small family. The country life is treating him good unlike the city life that only brought him to a rehab. He was definitely a city boy but after going through drug or marijuana rehab, he decided to live away from it and settle himself in the country side where there is less of it.

He looks good now and his body is back to normal said my friend unlike before where he was pretty thin and you could really tell that he's not doing good at all. Thank God for rehab's like that.

Dental Appointment Cancelled

Someone has donated some amount for my root canal and minor tooth operation that supposed to be happening today. I canceled it because I needed to raise more money for it. I needed a huge amount  but since I was not able to reach the amount  and it's not painful anymore because the dentist had dig a hole through my tooth to let the puss out.

I am hoping though that when I have the money I'll be able to get back to that appointment and pursue the root canal. I hope I'll get the done started soon so that I'll be able to get my salary too.

I pray that God would bless me with a high salary in this job that I'm starting soon. I know that my boss told me that the pay is not big but I'm putting my trust in the Lord still that He will do good things to me even though the world says no.