Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dental Appointment Cancelled

Someone has donated some amount for my root canal and minor tooth operation that supposed to be happening today. I canceled it because I needed to raise more money for it. I needed a huge amount  but since I was not able to reach the amount  and it's not painful anymore because the dentist had dig a hole through my tooth to let the puss out.

I am hoping though that when I have the money I'll be able to get back to that appointment and pursue the root canal. I hope I'll get the done started soon so that I'll be able to get my salary too.

I pray that God would bless me with a high salary in this job that I'm starting soon. I know that my boss told me that the pay is not big but I'm putting my trust in the Lord still that He will do good things to me even though the world says no.

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