Friday, February 15, 2013

Waiting for your call

Frustrated and a bit disgusted towards those people who always promise us that we'll able to finally take our house at Lancaster. They're just wasting our time, gas and effort. They kept on promising us that mount to nothing. I am just bracing myself, I hope I still can make myself cool or I might be waging war against them. (joke only) hahaha.

The head of the engineering department told us that she'll gonna call us yesterday and the other day but until now no calls still. Someone called me yesterday but I was not able to answer the call because I was with my dentist, and I did not hear my hone rang too. I really hope it was her or I like to think it was her.

I wish I put my phone into vibration mode and I also wish I have this vibration levelers devise on my phone too. But one thing I really wish is today is that they would call and say it finally done.

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