Friday, May 10, 2013

A birthday and a funeral

Today, we were supposed to be in two important events of our friends, but here I am in our house instead, thanks to them who made themselves understand us even it's hard co's as friends our presence really matters.

Our house was planned to made some fixing months before this weeks (depends on the workers availability).  Then the work finally starts, then a friend called me telling to come to their house for her daughter seventh birthday. I cannot say no since I've never seen her for awhile, and the birthday party would be a good venue for the meeting up again.

So after saying yes and confirming our attendance, two days after my other close friend dad died and the burial falls on a Saturday too. We really wanted to go too to give comfort and support my friend and her family. Hubby and I can't decide then where to go because both events are really important.

Then come Friday and the foreman of our house told us that they'll going home Saturday because there are more fixing to do. Of course we cannot say no knowing we are the one who got the favor of time availability from them.

So now... we're home and haven't to any of our friends events.

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