Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Next step

After  several months of being busy with work and ministry work outside church ministries, hubby and I has decided of starting a new a Sunday service  of such we called "house church". We thought of this because it's hard for us to come to church on Sundays because of  the travel time and money for fare.

We might start the service next next Sunday. I'm hoping we'll be able to get more mono-block chairs and microphones and other needs we have for the service. For sure hubby would be delighted to get a epiphone casino at musicians friend. Anything about guitar and gadgets delights hubby.

I pray that the Lord would indeed bless the works of our hands and makes our plans a success.

My supermodel baby

Look at her, she poses like  a pro! I actually don't know where she got that pose from. One thing is for sure though  she look amazing posing with a attitude. I wonder what would she be in the future. Since she's my only child for now I have loads of plans for her life, but of course I know too that she still has the final say. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Candy house in the moon

When I was little I used to dreamed of having a house in the moon. A house made of candy and filled with lots of goodies. I dreamed of playing with the stars with other kids too, but of course I was the boss. hahaha. It's my dream after all.

Now that I'm a woman I don't dream of those anymore but I do remember having those dream with a smile and gladness in my heart. Now I'm not only dreaming of a sterling silver jewelry but I want them. I actually told hubby to buy me one when we went to the mall the other day.

I hope that this desire would come true unlike the candy house dream in the moon which is just a fantasy. :)

All out smile

Ang gaganda namin. hahahaha. alam kong nagbubuhat ako ng bangko  pero look at us naman... all out smile kaya ang gaganda namin. Nakakamis umalis-alis din ng ganito. Sana maulit muli, parang kanta lang. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thinking of a small business?

My friends are venturing to small business these days, some are really into success and others just like some did not make it. In business you really need to be hands on or else you know nothing and can't do anything. Knowledge is not enough: skills, hard work and good promotion has great factor too.

I tried a small food business back then but it seems not doing any good and so I stopped it. Hubby is not into business, so in stead of helping me he tends to disrupt me. I salute peeps who can do a business specially online like printing business cards online. I wish I could do the same, but anyway, I thank them co's it's easier to look for such now when we needed their services.

Just brows, click and your printed.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Building relationship wih the neighbors

Yup!  the one in fronts of us.
She's kind of shy and not social or she just don't want to do anything with us.
I did not allow things to affect me and I instead approached her talk to her and let her feel that we are nice people and of course nice neighbors.

Building relationship is not that easy but we need to do it.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Office world

I cannot describe the look of my office now. I'm just super thankful that no one came today specially my boss's. My little girl turned the organized office into a work place and a play room. I cannot work cos she kept on coming to me asking for things. Oh goodness, I wish today is a holiday.

My body seems sore knowing it does nothing but sit down and carried my little girl from time to time.  I wish I'm booked in a nice hotel with a nice room, comfy bed and hot/cold shower. Then if I cannot walk in the morning hubby could get a knee walker for me at knee walker central thinking I got paralyzed because of today (joke only).

Honestly... I'm just kinda tired and wishing I have a comfy bed besides me in an air-conditioned room.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oh my goodness

Looking at the figures and the financial report that my team mates has given me made want to sleep and work on it later. I wonder what she thinks of herself why she's demanding people about things and reports. I don't know... she makes me feel tired just thinking about her.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hubby and me

We have a very big fight the other day because we're trying to organized our stuff at our new house. Of course everyone was tired and snapped at things easily. The fight started when I asked him where did he put our photos and all he thought I was telling him to display it and so shouted at me. I was also very tired because I just came home from work and have travel more than an hour because traffics and connecting bus ride, I snapped back and told him many hurtful words. Then it made me more angry thinking he drove me to get angry reason I said those things. I was angry. disappointed, and frustrated for several days, and hubby was quiet too.

Yet we can't stay that way because we have a two year old girl who needs us and so we started talking again and became casual. Then the other night he said he's sorry for making me angry but still... stated his point. I told him I better now and have forgiven him and I am sorry too. We're good again and He treated me to Starbucks last night as his peace offering.

I wish though too that I can buy him a peace offering too. Wish I can afford to get him a Ray Bans, for sure he'll love me more when he will get one from me. :)

Was not of myself

I have a meeting with the "boss's and some ministry supporters yesterday. I was fine listening to the boss's explaining about the office, staffs and ministries. Yet when the meeting was about to end the big boss asked if we could tell something about ourselves. I was actually hoping that my boss won't strop talking so that lunch time bell would ring and I'll be spared. Well... it did not happen that way and so it was my time to share about myself. I was fine at the beginning but when I told that that I have a baby girl named Ziah... weird emotions came up and then my eyes betrayed me and I started crying. Gosh! it was shameful for me. They hugged me and told me encouraging words after that meeting that made me want to just disappear.

Every time I thought of it... I wanted to erase that moment from my life.. from their minds, but I cannot do it and it will remain a moment... of my life!