Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hubby and me

We have a very big fight the other day because we're trying to organized our stuff at our new house. Of course everyone was tired and snapped at things easily. The fight started when I asked him where did he put our photos and all he thought I was telling him to display it and so shouted at me. I was also very tired because I just came home from work and have travel more than an hour because traffics and connecting bus ride, I snapped back and told him many hurtful words. Then it made me more angry thinking he drove me to get angry reason I said those things. I was angry. disappointed, and frustrated for several days, and hubby was quiet too.

Yet we can't stay that way because we have a two year old girl who needs us and so we started talking again and became casual. Then the other night he said he's sorry for making me angry but still... stated his point. I told him I better now and have forgiven him and I am sorry too. We're good again and He treated me to Starbucks last night as his peace offering.

I wish though too that I can buy him a peace offering too. Wish I can afford to get him a Ray Bans, for sure he'll love me more when he will get one from me. :)

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