Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Was not of myself

I have a meeting with the "boss's and some ministry supporters yesterday. I was fine listening to the boss's explaining about the office, staffs and ministries. Yet when the meeting was about to end the big boss asked if we could tell something about ourselves. I was actually hoping that my boss won't strop talking so that lunch time bell would ring and I'll be spared. Well... it did not happen that way and so it was my time to share about myself. I was fine at the beginning but when I told that that I have a baby girl named Ziah... weird emotions came up and then my eyes betrayed me and I started crying. Gosh! it was shameful for me. They hugged me and told me encouraging words after that meeting that made me want to just disappear.

Every time I thought of it... I wanted to erase that moment from my life.. from their minds, but I cannot do it and it will remain a moment... of my life!   

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