Sunday, August 11, 2013

Torn in between

Yup! I’m torn between “loving you to come and begging don’t”.  I don’t I might had have a change of heart. Co’s in the past when you said your coming means a lot to me. I was very excited to see you yet something must have happened after that first meeting at your place… I must say I have change completely.
Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t love you as my best friend anymore… I still love you… but my priorities is keeping me to do the things I have done for you before. Honestly… I have giving up a lot just to make myself available for you.  But now.. I have my family… and this may hurtful  to say… “they are my priority”. Having to choose between you and them whom should I spend my time for a week is very hard.

I do love to spend time with you since I don’t see a lot, but having the thought of leaving my two year old behind for even a week  is crippling me.  Coming to work this morning is painful co’s I left her crying begging me to stay. much more a week?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Indeed... bread talks!

Breads abounds in this place literally. This place where I am now has a ministry to the street kids. Several months ago a bread store owner donated bags and bags of their not sold bread to this ministry to give out to the kids at the streets. their bread smells good and indeed it's kind of talking to me to get 'em and eat 'em.

I wonder though how they make their bread co's I am now interested in baking. I wish I could learn the recipe and technique. I'm wondering if they used machine to make their deli bread or are their machine has aluminum machine handles or are there any connection with an aluminum handle with not aluminum. A friend told me that using an aluminum cooking ware is healthier than those that are not. I have to research about this actually.

Bless their hearts and they may sell more bread.

At IT Tender

Here at one of our ministry partner center. Hubby and I again... together.. brought a team of 15 American youth to see this interesting ministry. I never been here for two years many and coming back again is indeed great.

The team is having their orientation about the ministry right now while I am here at their office blogging.
Life is indeed beautiful.