Sunday, August 11, 2013

Torn in between

Yup! I’m torn between “loving you to come and begging don’t”.  I don’t I might had have a change of heart. Co’s in the past when you said your coming means a lot to me. I was very excited to see you yet something must have happened after that first meeting at your place… I must say I have change completely.
Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t love you as my best friend anymore… I still love you… but my priorities is keeping me to do the things I have done for you before. Honestly… I have giving up a lot just to make myself available for you.  But now.. I have my family… and this may hurtful  to say… “they are my priority”. Having to choose between you and them whom should I spend my time for a week is very hard.

I do love to spend time with you since I don’t see a lot, but having the thought of leaving my two year old behind for even a week  is crippling me.  Coming to work this morning is painful co’s I left her crying begging me to stay. much more a week?

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