Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden on my frontyard

I have a mini garden on my front, it's probably just three square meter long/wide. It's very small but I have loads of plants in there. The only problem I have with my garden is... I cannot take all the stones due to some construction, and so my plants are thin and look unhealthy.

I still have seeds to plant actually but am waiting for hubby to put more healthy soil on my garden so that my seeds will grow healthy. I have tomatoes, lemon grass, lemon tree, pine tree, okra and chili  and I am hoping to put more plants, I also wish I can plant an apricot seeds on my mini-garden.

Now I wish I have  bigger space for my plats.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How could I ever tell you

.. of all that's in my mind. plans and my desires. have told me/us before to speak out of what's in our mind.
..but I'm hesitant now...

..i probably have change.
..because I felt that you too.