Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter wonder

I know that it's snowing in some part of the world these days though it's not with mine. I have read some  post on facebook about the snow and how it affects them one way or another. I have not  experience snow yet since when I went to Canada three years ago the snow ditch me and left me wondering what it looks likes and how it feels till I went home, though I definitely feel the anger of coldness when its dark. The cold seems paralyzed me and all I could think was home.

I just wish I had a battery powered gloves to keep me warm at night. I have enjoyed my stay there but I never enjoyed the coldness at night. I wonder though how those peeps who live there manage to love it.

Just sharing

Got this from a friend on facebook and I just feel like sharing because only a few (businessmen) would do this.

With a caption of: 
Are you tired of all the stores announcing they'll be open on Thanksgiving Day? SHARE this post and spread the word of some of the "nice" stores bucking the trend!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I can imagine it hanging

Yup been dreaming about it hanging on the stairs area of our house. How I wish I could have one this Christmas, may it be a gift or I am the one bought it it doesn't matter. :D.  Whenever I passed by a home depot I cannot help looking and staring at where the hanging lights and chandeliers are. They are as beautiful as beautiful Vistosi chandelier.
I really hope that someday I'll be able to get one for my house, and part of my wish too that hubby and I will be contented of what we have.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I cannot think straight

Here at the office trying to do some work but since my little girl is with I just can't do a straight work because I have to look after her. I am thankful my boss understands my situation. All he wants from me is that I do my work according to what is expected and finish my deadlines on time. He doesn't care how I do it as long as I get it done.
So what I do so that I won't forgot the things I need to do is making a list and post it on my table so that every time I st down in here I get reminded of it :).